Bypass Theme

Regular price $390.00 per license
One license per Shopify account


Multiple websites

This theme allows you to customize up to 6* different websites with the same Shopify account.

 *6 including your Shopify domain (

► Click here to view what you can do. All the websites included in this link are on the same Shopify Account.

  • Protection

    You can enable a protection mode separately on every domain. This protection can be enabled on desktops and includes :

    - Disable text-selector on product description

    - Disable right-click

  • Save on plans and apps !

    With this Theme, you can really create different websites with different products. You can then set up different niche without having to create multiple shopify accounts.


    What does it mean?

    - You only pay Shopify Plans one time for all your domains.

    - You only pay apps one time for all your domains

  • What about customers ?

    Every customer who subscribes to your newsletter will be tagged differently depending on the domain he visits. You will then be able to send him the appropriate newsletter and notification emails.


    To understand how to send different emails per customer tags, visit the Notification section of the Theme Documentation.

  • What about SEO ?

    Don't worry, we figured it out too ! Just go on the customization section and you will have text box to set meta names / descriptions for all your domains.


    Also, your products and collections from one domain won't appear on your other domains.


    Just follow all the steps properly !

  • Some more...

     - We added an option to enable separately Customer Accounts on every website.

    - You can now set up different Facebook Messenger Chat plugins on each domain.

     - Not sure? Visit the Bypass Theme Documentation to know more!

  • Theme Documentation

     - Already have the Bypass Theme? Visit the Theme Documentation!

    - The Theme is available in 10 languages. These languages include: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Taiwanese.

    - Our Support speaks English and French.